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Ostereo continues to expand its team with the right talent to break artists’ careers internationally. Ostereo implements an employment practice that blends the principles of hard work & harder play, experience, open-mindedness and adaptability which has given us a fantastic work family.
Most importantly, we all eat, sleep and breathe music with genuine passion. It wouldn’t be fair to say that everybody has these skills before entering the workplace, so Ostereo supports its team with training opportunities to help them develop and grow into their aspirations.
If you’re interested in a career at Ostereo, or you’re just trying to understand the types of roles available in the music industry and what these would typically entail, we’ve outlined some of these below.

A&R Executives:

Artists & Repertoire: The creative backbone of the music industry. These people spend their days scouring the stage & web for new talent and listening to demos to establish key signings for Ostereo. Furthermore, they are in constant dialogue with our artists to help them fulfil their creative vision through the music releases they produce. They help our artists book studios, mixing/mastering engineers & producers to get the tracks sounding how they want.

Personality profile: outgoing, extrovert, natural negotiator

Distribution Executives:

Distribution is key to any record label: These individuals are the gatekeepers to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Ostereo’s distribution team ensure music assets are delivered correctly to digital and physical platforms worldwide. It means ensuring the A&R teams are delivering audio files, artwork and key track information before putting forward a release to the distribution team.

In addition, the distribution team need to format metadata (i.e. detailed information relating to any recording and composition) correctly before tracks can be ingested to any platform. This involves processing & interpreting a huge amount of data and, most importantly, having a keen eye for detail – thereby ensuring releases go out on time and look & sound great to ensure maximum engagement with audiences globally.

Personality profile: diligent, tech-lover, number-cruncher

Sync & Licensing Executives:

Ever wondered how music makes its way onto TV, Films, Gaming and Advertising? Sync & Licensing Executives are responsible for pitching our artist’s music for use on any and all visual media. They are constantly in dialogue with music supervisors all over the world who actively search for music to be used in your favourite TV shows, games, films and adverts.

People always drive a hard bargain, and these people are tasked with ensuring the outcome of any negotiation for a licence to use our artists’ music is fair to our artists, while being mindful of the commercial aims and objectives of the production using the music.

Personality profile: extrovert, film-buff, networking dynamo

Digital Coordinators:

Most artists (quite rightly) spend less time glued to screens, and instead focus on developing their craft as musicians, and therefore don’t necessarily have expertise in social media or advertising to develop their audiences online.

This is where our digital coordinators come into play. They have a keen understanding of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and other social media counterparts internationally, to understand how people engage with and react to content. This can then shape the strategy for what types of content will connect well with an audience, depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

Our digital coordinators will work with the artists to produce social media plans, digital advertising campaigns and monitor engagement & sentiments across all platforms to ensure audiences are growing as they should online.

Personality profile: lateral thinker, social media-savvy, creators of all things shiny

Design & Video Executives:

One of Ostereo’s core principles is giving artists greater control over their creative output by affording them a dedicated member of Ostereo’s team who specialises in design and video. Our graphic designers are adept in creating things like artwork, social banners or Instagram-friendly imagery.

Furthermore, in-house video executives take the pressure off an ambitious music video shoot with expertise to source the right production team and create stunning video content. Editing videos for use on Insta stories is always handy too (aside from it being a lot of fun…).

Personality profile: artsy, letting-the-content-do-the-talking, dream-weaver

Marketing & Promotion Executives:

What’s as important as creating great music? Yep, you guessed it – making sure people hear it! Our Marketing & Promotional teams work closely with every department to secure maximum exposure and reach for any of our artists’ releases.

In terms of their outward-facing functions, they are in daily contact with press, PR agents, radio pluggers and live agents to help grow our artists’ audiences. This team also has a focus on data, interpreting masses of it to ensure any marketing or promotional strategy is undertaken based upon previous case studies and tried-and-tested methods. This role is instrumental to Ostereo and its artist roster’s success.

Personality profile: go-getter, lateral thinker, soap-box climber

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