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Who We Are


Ostereo is a music company founded in 2016 by musician and businessman, Howard Murphy, offering services as a Record Label, Music Publisher, Management Agency and Music Distributor. Ostereo places a focus on digital, providing unparalleled reach to streaming platforms and social media through its world-class music distribution mechanisms and by taking a data-backed approach to growth, leaving our artists more time to make amazing music.



Ostereo’s artist roster is happy home to the biggest and best music talent from around the world, spanning countless genres and styles. Ostereo has racked up more than 5 billion streams and plays for the music it represents, promoting our artists to hundreds of millions of music lovers globally.

Ostereo has concluded deals and partnerships with some of the music industry’s finest including YouTube, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and the BPI, so, when working with Ostereo, you can be sure that a world class team is at your disposal.

Music Distributor, Recordings, Publishing, Management, Ostereo

What We Do

The Development

Ostereo’s unique strategy merges traditional label techniques with data analytics to provide valuable insight and establish where to invest in our creative talent. By utilising our pioneering industry expertise we deliver world-class campaigns.

The Insight

Using analytics means we understand audiences, how to build new fanbases, predict spending patterns, inspire influencers, increase plays, views and engagement.

From the tech, to the conventional

Combining technology and robust music distribution mechanisms with our music industry expertise and tried-and-tested label methods continues to find the right recipe for success. This, in turn, empowers our artists and provides an effective platform by which to grow a sustainable career and ensure longevity.

Music Distributor, Recordings, Publishing, Management, Ostereo
Howard Murphy Ostereo

“We continue to combine music, technology and data to break new music talent all over the world. Strategically investing in talented individuals and companies alike through our four core divisions: Recordings, Publishing, Management & Education with a long term vision for the future of the music industry landscape.”

Howard Murphy

Founder Of Ostereo – @mrhowardmurphy

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